8th March 2020

App Builders goes remote

We are sure you are aware of the current spread of the novel disease known as COVID-19. While the scheduled date for App Builders 2020 in Lugano is over 2 months away we want to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved.

As it stands Lugano is adjacent to the 3rd-largest cluster of cases outside of mainland China. Currently through March 15 large events with over 1000 participants are banned nationwide in Switzerland, with further local restrictions in some areas.

Unlike other events we want to treat the current circumstances as an opportunity. We will transform App Builders 2020 into a remote event, that people can join from anywhere in Europe or all over the world.

We’re happy to announce that our speakers have already agreed to this new format so you can look forward to seeing their talk, ask questions during office hours afterwards or have a chat with them together with other participants who are interested in their talk. To accommodate speakers from the US west coast the event schedule will be shifted 2 hours later.

We’re currently working together with potential partners who are experts in hosting remote events on how we will facilitate the serendipitous encounters and make the remote conference mimic an in-person conference as much as possible. We have many ideas and will work the details out in the coming weeks!

Considering this significant change to the event, ticket holders can choose to have a full refund or convert it into a ticket for our remote conference (CHF 100) and a refund of the difference paid. The remaining balance is designated to support the infrastructure we need for an online event. Additionally we plan to offer a supporter package for paid participants as a physical momento.

We hope you decide to embark with us on this exciting new journey and look forward to pioneer a new way of holding conferences!

App Builders Team